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Welcome here & now


There are no coincidences in life, like our meeting. You are welcome to have a taste of my ambience here and to let yourself be invited by my words. I love to take you to another reality; a place where you may find pieces that you might have lost - somewhere along the way - and where you can enjoy yourself free- and shamelessly.

By entering into our encounter, your thoughts, stress and blocked energy can merge into feeling, experiencing and Being (together), for no medicine is as powerful as love and being seen in your needs and desires.  

I experience every encounter as a new adventure and am fully present and there for you at that moment. There is no pre advanced plan about how our contact is going to be or unfold; the dynamic of each connection is different and I prefer to let things naturally come into existance. I always go for real contact and deep intimacy. Awareness and attention for what is and wants to be expierienced, are my specialty and feminine power. My energy is considered as warm, inimitable, fresh, sparkling and healing. Therefore one session can be sufficient to feel better about yourself and to live life with new inspiration.