About me

... full of desire, passion and pleasure. Open, true-hearted and lovely. Curious about what life has to offer and receptive for beauty in its purest, natural form. I am intimacy coach, tantrika, Domina, Femme Fatale, enchantress, healer, soul guide, filmmaker, movie star and life artist. My feminine energy has a certain impact on people. As I grew up, I became aware of this and a strong desire arose to work with this vital life energy. To connect from my authentic Being & strength, and to meet the other on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).

To find a form for this was not easy ~ because there weren't any beaten paths ~ but this quest has brought me a lot of insight, growth and fulfilment. Since I am in contact with my deepest needs and let my desires consciously be fulfilled, something inside me has opened up; because of that, it started flowing in all areas and I now experience an enormous richness in my life. I hope to share a piece of this happiness & pleasure with you :-)

I live in South Holland, am highly educated and live healthy and consciously. I have developed myself philosophically and spiritually, but am especially skilled in the magic of daily life. I am daring, playful, loving, merciless, intuitive, clairsentient, warm, impassioned, creative, sensual, open, real, untameable, unequalled and thus... addictive and altering. I can quickly sense other people & situations, and move easily in between different worlds. As an Amazone and traveller in the landscape of the soul, I carry out my femininity, sensuality and sexuality with passion, conviction and enthusiasm.

Lunalove / Luna Love / Luna Nova / LunaNova