Lunalove / Luna Love / Luna Nova / LunaNova

The Goddess of Love has many faces. In ancient cultures she was represented by priestesses, whose task it was to convey her love directly to humans. These holy whores were radiant, sensual, self-aware women in which the contrast was spiritually & physically united (that which is lacking in modern society). Fellowship with a holy whore happened in the ritual setting of the temple and meant a renewal of the mystery of sexuality (and life).
The contemporary face of the Goddess has adapted to a society where the feminine is oppressed and sexuality hidden in the depths of the subconscious. Avantgarde Femdoms let their powerful light shine subtly & playfully and bring a healthy balance to the modern male-female relationship. They make short work of the devaluation of the feminine and command respect and adoration just by their appearance. After all, it is the nature of the man to give it to the woman and to worship her; only in this way can he break free from his ego and experience love overwhelmingly.
The white and black Goddess are becoming increasingly manifest and appear in many forms and women. It is my mission to work with this powerful feminine energy, to make it tangible and to create more balance between body & mind, heaven & earth and masculine & feminine.

As a consecrated modern priestess to let the life energy flow through me, to make real contact and to give sexuality the place - and healing power - that it naturally has.


I stimulate people from an intuitive and tantric approach to get in touch with their own intimacy, deeper needs and authentic self ~ and to be able to make new (heart) connections with others from there. As soon as you can feel this deep contact with yourself again, the universe starts flowing through you and you don't have to do anything. Life then takes place by itself, brings beautiful people and special events on your path and leaves you amazed by your own being and creative power.