About me


... full of desire, passion and pleasure. Open, honest and delicious. Curious about what life has to offer and receptive to beauty in its pure, natural form. I am an Intimacy coach, tantric Mistress, Femme Fatale, seductress, healer and life artist. My feminine energy has a certain effect on people. I have become increasingly aware of this, which has created a strong desire to work with this vital life energy.


Finding a form for this was not easy ~ because there were no beaten paths ~ but this quest has brought me a lot of insight, growth and fulfillment. Since I have been in touch with my deepest needs and consciously fulfilling my desires, something has opened up within myself; therefore it started to flow in all areas and I experience an enormous wealth in my life. I hope to share a piece of this happiness & pleasure with you :-)

I have developed myself both philosophically and spiritually, but I am above all skilled in the magic of everyday life. I am challenging, playful, loving, relentless, intuitive, clairsentient, warm, passionate, creative, sensual, open, real, untameable, unprecedented and so ... addictive and changing. I feel people and situations quickly and move easily in and between different worlds. As an Amazon and traveler in the landscape of the soul, I propagate my femininity, sensuality and sexuality with passion, conviction and enthusiasm. In my own life and since 2015 also in my own company.

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