During a sensual session via Skype nothing is needed and much is possible. In an ambience of elegantly erotic, pleasantly perverted and deeply devine, connection, strength and vulnerability will have the upper- or undertone. As a result, the effect of a tantric coaching session can be liberating and therapeutic. 

I know and guard my limits well, have few taboos and invite you to land in a pleasant, safe and titillating energy. You can share anything with me and show whatever you want, even the things that you otherwise find difficult to talk about or accept. There is not much I find strange, authenticity makes me happy and I will always respond with openness, honesty and respect.   

During the session I'll follow my intuïtion and spontaneous impulses, and encourage you do to the same. You may define your wishes and longings in advance, but will especially be suprised by the energy of our moment.

Rates for Skype sessions:

€ 45,- for 30 minutes

€ 60,- for 45 minutes

€ 75,- for 60 minutes

€ 105,- for 90 minutes

The first session is always an hour. Payment in advance via PayPal. Of course, tips & tokens of appreciation, e-mail giftcards and dowries of novice servants are welcome. Surprise me :-)