* I am still reminiscing about this unexpected adventure with you. You are a revelation for me; a special lady, who has changed me in a positive way. It was heavenly to feel your presence and to chat with you. Your tremendous energy is a delight.

* Our contact is like therapy for me, I haven't experienced something like it before. You are pleasant to talk to and I feel so comfortable with you. I am more myself now and dare to look at beautiful women longer. All of a sudden I get attention from women and I have you to thank for that. How you exactly did it, I still don't know, but you have given me back something that I'd lost: my self confidence. I am grateful for your help and inspiration.

* I feel good with you. You are pleasant, versatile and in a positive way engaged with yourself. Through your inspiring vision, I've ended up beyond the lust in a pure experience of love. I didn't know that something like this existed :-)

* Our contact has opened my eyes. It made me decide to divorce and to go for love wholeheartedly. I knew that I just couldn't go on the way I was living. For years, I missed intimicy and love, which I have found right after our session. I will even give monogamy a chance again. You are a beautiful, warm and lovely lady and I will often daydream about the divine hours I've spent with you!

* It seems as in everything you say there is a little insult. And this strangely enough arouses me... 

* Goddess... I just wanted to say that it has been a long time since I felt so good. I am still afterglowing :-) I was incredibly impressed by you. I find it very attractive that you are so intelligent and beautiful at the same time, and that you can sense me so well. I have learned a lot and would love to bring this into practice next time. I hope to see you again soon.


* I had tears in my eyes while reading about the tarot card you drew for me. This session made me feel exhausted. All my desires were wiped out minute by minute because by the end I was going to learn the hard lesson. I know now why you were blessed. In order to bring awareness and light to the lost souls as I am. Your beauty is blinding. There are no words to express my gratitude.

* I liked you in many different ways, as well as I find you very attractive and interesting. There's the concentration of life force around you and it would be something to be admitted to your circle. Tantric sex is so potent and healing, everyone who hasn't experienced it lives in a world without chocolate. Which is not all that bad, because marzipan is also a very fine treat. I would like to remain in the uplifting world of energy filled encounters, and not descend to the plain world of real life which is the viod to me, the burden we have to bear. You are one of the exceptional few whose life is connected to the better things in life. The others have mostly lost their connection, or forgotten the existence of the things we speak of and there's a vast number of people who don't have an idea it exists. The world needs more goddesses and I hope it will one day be a better place where finding a comforting spirit - to spend time immersed in pure pleasure of connecting with another for mutual benefit - will allow everyone to be able to find that connection easier than it is today.

* I find it very special that you dared to expose yourself so much. Personally I think that showing emotions is a form of strength. You're a woman of considerable strength, or else you wouldn't have such a natural triggering influence on my submissive side. Only a few words from you, and this feeling in my underbelly is immediately and strongly present. Therefore I have a feeling of warmth and security with you. I hope that I may please you more often with my presence. Whether it is a pure personal conversation, or doling out your dominance. I hope to share a lot more with you and to see that twinkling in your eyes.

* Mistress, I just want to let you know that I found the contact with you very fascinating, exciting and unexpected. I am very impressed by your appearance and presence. I can't stop thinking about it. I hope that I will soon have the opportunity to do another session with you.

* Wauw... I found the session to be extremely nice and good. I am still shaking a bit. Thank you!

* At exactly the right moment you reminded me of how it can be. I have been through a rough period and lost a lot. From my early twenties self-development has been a kind of obsession, which made me wander through the spiritual world as gabber haha. That connection, the longing for it and the disbelieve that it doesn't exist, although rarely... you confirmed that there are people who are attuned to this... And this energy, is what I want to experience. You gave me a scolding for something that I did actually feel, but was gone momentarily. Thank you for the reminder, I am grateful to you.

Thank you for our conversation, it was very pleasant and good for me to talk to you. Especially now that there are so many questions and I am circling, it was nice to be able to share this with someone who looks at things differently than most people. Somehow our conversation has made me aware of the fact that I should listen more to myself and my body. I haven't done this for a while and hope I will now succeed in getting on with it.

Lunalove / Luna Love / Luna Nova / LunaNova

* Wow, it was fantastic, thank you so much :-) That smile of yours is lovely and it was very special to hear how you perceived me... It was exactly correct! 

* Thank you, it was a lovely and exciting experience and much nicer than I could possibly imagine! X

* Again it was a fantastic experience with you. It is not only arousing, but really goes a dimension further. It is almost as if I am fysically with you and that makes it very special. Not at all superficial; at least, that's how it feels for me. I would love to see each other soon again, and am already looking forward to that :-)

* This may sound strange, but during the session it felt like I had to cry, while at the same time I had a hard-on. I am still afterglowing and am completely wowed. 

* With a big smile I fell asleep last night. The intensity of your beholding, your passionate beauty and your unbelievable character have opened up a breach in my inner world. Rarely, that is to say never, have I experienced female strength on multiple levels in such a way. Yes... I want to go on a journey.

* Well done, you have opened me completely and I have done things I could have never imagined! Super thanks, you are special. See you soon. 

* Our meeting has bowled me over. The way you communicate with me, get me out of my shy shell and your open, pure, loving and warm way of approaching make me want to open up completely; something that I have never done before with someone. After our session I dared to reveal myself more and made some selfies. Attached you can find these, I hope they will please you. Deep inside me, there is a submissive princess that wants to be owned by a Goddess. I would love to undertake this spiritual and sexual exploration with you.

* You entered me intensely, knew exactly how to struck the right cords. In such a way that I felt like wax/modeling clay in your hands. Every word penetrated me like truth, as if I seemed to reach my destiny. The place where I would belong. Just an object of pleasure for a Goddess like You. Last night in my dreams my place was chastened and chained to the bed of the Goddess. Somehow there is a strong urge to be with you, while I'm carrying some of my holy attributes. To let my body experience cultivated pleasure and pain, in exhange for your smile. My spirit already feels you... the body is longing for experiencing. In other words, my mindset seems to be freaking out...