Female empowerment ❣ (English version)

Recently I started a Femdom oriented community 👯‍♀🙇 To rise above all taboos & superficial associations and make sexuality (in broader sense) the free & safe haven in which everyone (M/F/O/...) dares to be and can come home. Almost 100 people have already registered, whereby the number of women may certainly grow some more 💃 What makes Please & Tease interesting for you as a woman? 👇 Femdom means Female Domination and thus power to the woman. This may evoke the image of a woman in a tight leather suit with a whip, but that is actually an outdated cliché. Femdom is about so much more... about getting back into your power as a woman and taking back control of your own life. About feeling & defining your limits and simply saying 'no' (and letting go of 'maybe' or 'who knows'). About putting yourself on that pedestal, instead of all those unavailable men 👸 It is mainly about self-love and making yourself the center of your own interest & life, so that others automatically do that too and are drawn to you like magnets. And how wonderful is it to no longer feel used, but to play the men as puppets (who enjoy this intensely and do not know what is happening to them) 😬 Not wanting to change anything about yourself and feeling beautiful just the way you are, gives everything so much more radiance & color 💫 This allows you to really enjoy yourself, step outside the box and shape your life in the way you feel comfortable with. That can indeed make you dress & behave differently - even between the sheets - but it mainly stimulates you to take your place and let him bend in front of you (instead of the other way around). Because only in your womb & love can he transcend his ego and feel what it's like to be a real man ❤ Femdom is therefore about Female Empowerment and the multidimensionality of daring to be fully Woman 💃 Curious? Be welcome, register (for free) and discover the power of your hidden talents ❣


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