Guilty Pleasures

It is proven again that I have a providential look (and what's more important for a Mistress?) 👸 Today Paradise Bird Robin came to me, to share something wonderful & dangerous (I just love the alliterative g-g combi of geweldig & gevaarlijk). When he described this existential beauty, I knew: this is the kind of Guilty Pleasure that this new Space is about ⭐️ There was my inspiration and his opportunity to share it in the open space between us...

Guilty Pleasures may have started for me with our previous 3+ hour chat, which made me want to do something I never do: drink together during a camsession & enjoy a virgin Saturday night where anything is possible. I told him about the bottle of Jack Daniels in my cupboard that hadn't been opened for years and he gave me the recipe for a delicious cocktail that I could make with virtually nothing at home. The result was stunning and so was our session 💖

The next session is planned and in this ritual setting & sharing we will experience a new guilty pleasure together. Him as the suffering object (lijdend voorwerp), me as the leading lieutenant governor and strict rock&roll Mistress 👩‍✈️ I don't know about you guys... but I am totally ready for take off 🚀✨

Remember: morals are just the limitations in your own head. Beyond the narrow-mindedness is absolute freedom, empowered by ritual and under the inspired guidance/in the safe lap of the One and only 💫🦋

#lovemywork #lifeismagic #goingdeeperanddeeper


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De Paradijsvogel

Een jointje draaien en 'dichtplakken' met voorvocht 😆 En zo is Robin in alles een aangename verrassing, niet in de laatste plaats door zijn opvallende en unieke verschijning 😍 62 jaar aan indrukwekk