Happy Hormones 🌸(English version)

Hormones are all-determining factors in how you feel and whether this is predominantly (and desired or not) male or female. I know this from my own experience. I feel different every moment of the month and I am now sensually skilled in surfing all these waves. But that has not always been the case....

I took the heaviest contraceptive pill for 20 years, because as a teenager it freed me from pimples. From one day to the next I changed from teenage girl to babe and my self-confidence got a huge boost. Suddenly there was an abundance of male attention and I thoroughly enjoyed it. At that point it was what was needed, but at 26 I thought the time had come to stop taking artificial hormones and let my body get back to its own cycle. When I was down again in no time, I immediately started taking the pill again, believing that I would probably have to take it all my life. After many ayahuasca ceremonies and a completely different (vegan & sugar-free) lifestyle, in 2015 the moment came when I could really stop and everything then remained as it was, except for a few kilos less :-) And not only that...

It seemed like an anesthetic dissolved and everything in me came to life. In my femininity I suddenly felt connected again with the ebb and flow of the different seasons, inside and outside myself. I had never experienced all these peaks, troughs and changing emotional and energy currents because of the pill. As a result, I had only half lived all those years, under a synthetic dome where the sun's rays did not hit my skin directly and where tiredness and depression were always lurking somewhere. The people and events in this artificial universe also seemed wrapped in a thin synthetic layer, so that I never really felt connected and there always seemed to be something in between life.

It is therefore not surprising that from that moment on my libido also came back to life and I could not help but make contact with my deepest hidden & previously forbidden desires. And so began my tantric adventure and development to becoming a Domina 👣

Hormones can make a world of difference and change lives, especially if you feel like you were born in the wrong body. Every person is unique and experiences the world differently. Where for me artificial hormones at a certain moment became an obstacle in the connection with myself, my femininity and the world around me, this can be an opposite experience for someone else. So how remarkable is it that the heaviest pill is available on prescription to fight acne (while it slowly made me depressed) and that hormones for transgender people are often difficult to obtain on prescription in the initial phase (even when they are depressed and suicidal because of it)?

In a world of so many obstructing boxes and unconscious conditionings, how do you ensure that the unique being that you are can fully come into its own? Personal happiness is perhaps the constant search for balance between yin/yang, matrix/landscape of the soul and regular/alternative. So that the perfect mix of ingredients is created in which you can fully recognize yourself 👰 Sometimes you have to draw outside the lines or jump off the cliff, because every other alternative has become empty and meaningless. In that respect too, we happily live in times where (with thanks to many brave heralds) more and more is possible and even the new normal no longer exists :-)

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